Tall Ice Lung Releases New Single, “God with Vanilla”

By Francis Cabal

Tall Ice Lung

Francis Maria Regalado may be known to most of you as the frontman for hardcore heroes Caitlyn Bailey and for pushing the boundaries of electronic music with Love in Athens. However, the project of his that I fell in love from the beginning is Tall Ice Lung. Tall Ice Lung is where Regalado puts his love for indie pop front and center, and he knocks it out of the park. Fresh from the success of his EP, “Balang Araw Mamatay Ka Rin”, Tall Ice Lung is back with the new single “God With Vanilla”.

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Stigmatics Release New Single “Sleeping Girl”

By Francis Cabal

Musically, Stigmatics are a hard band to pin down. The duo comprised of grandi0s0 and I.V. deRail (not their real names) have managed to put their own spin on punk music, adding to it a keen sense of musicality that comes from grandi0s0’s knack for complex arrangements and instrumentation. Add to that I.V. deRail’s voice and charisma as a frontman and you have yourself a recipe for success. I have called them one of my favorite bands in the country, and with the new material that they keep putting out, it’s pretty clear that that hasn’t changed one bit.

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REVIEW: Prank Sinatra – “The F Defect” (2005)

By Francis Cabal

F Defect

Prank Sinatra’s “The F Defect” is the record that got me into the band way back in the day. It’s also Prank Sinatra’s debut record, and as far as debuts go, “The F Defect” definitely busted the doors wide open. It was in the middle of the 2000s, I was in my first band ever with my high school friends, and then I saw the video for “Hit The D Chord” on TV. I was able to track down “The F Defect” and it changed my perception of what you can do musically in the country. Continue reading

REVIEW: Prank Sinatra – “The Peel Sessions” (2008)

Prank Sinatra Peel

We’ve already reviewed Prank Sinatra’s latest record, so now we’ll be taking a look back at the rest of Iman Leonardo and company’s discography. Today, we’ll be focusing on Prank Sinatra’s third release called “The Peel Sessions”.  A lot has already been said about Leonardo’s knack for writing pop songs with off-kilter arrangements. And it’s all the more evident in the songs that make up “The Peel Sessions”. Continue reading

“Fresh Filter Vol. I” to Be Officially Launched On May 22

Fresh Filter

Fresh Filter, the JAM 88.3 radio show hosted by Russ Davis, has proven to be one of the most importanat platforms for local independent music here in the country. Essentially a passion project championed by Davis, what started out as a weekly show became a regular in the station and started airing from Mondays to Thursdays. The show features some of the best and… freshest (for lack of a better term)… independent acts in the country and is personally curated by Davis.

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