Grandaddy Working On a New Album


Jason Lytle and indie rock veterans Grandaddy are responsible for some of the well-thought out records in the 90s and 2000s. Their record, “The Sophtware Slump”, is widely regarded as the band’s masterpiece and has earned them comparisons to bands like Radiohead and Mercury Rev. After a brief reunion tour in 2012, any hopes for new Grandaddy material was put on the backburner when Lytle pursued a solo career that began with his 2009 solo album, “Yours Truly, the Commuter”.

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REVIEW: Nanay Mo – “Medyo Wakwak” (2015)

Nanay Mo Medyo Wakwak

Rock ‘n’ roll is very much alive.

With “Medyo Wakwak”, Nanay Mo are singlehandedly bringing back the element danger in pinoy rock ‘n’ roll. Rock ‘n’ roll has always been about loud guitars, grit, and a sense of fun and irreverence that has been sorely lacking in most releases recently. Listening to this record reminds me of when I was 13 years old, banging my head and playing air-guitar to whatever rock record I can find.

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COVER STORY: Nanay Mo Aims To Give Hard Rock a Shot in the Arm

Nanay Mo

Before we start gushing about Nanay Mo, let’s get this out of the way for a second: Nanay Mo are not reinventing the wheel. Their brand of hard rock is something that you may have heard a dozen times before. But the thing that makes Nanay Mo special is that they do it so well. It’s even more refreshing that they’re a relatively young band playing a style of music that’s devoid of pretensions. They did not set out to be a “cool” band… with Nanay Mo, “coolness” is just inherent. And that is why we love them.

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“Bagyong Si Guijo” To Cause a Ruckus on August 12!

Bagyong Si Guijo Poster

On Wednesday, August 12, a storm of epic proportions will be hitting Saguijo. But don’t worry, it’s not a literal storm (the weather’s bad enough as it is). It’s a show organized by Black Sheep Entertainment called “Bagyong Si Guijo”. The show will feature performances from four of the country’s best live bands: The Riot Act, Sandwich, Flying Ipis, and Mayonnaise.

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