Splintr Pic of The Week: Leonard Cohen

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Shoegaze Band Nothing to Play in Manila on January 2017


Nothing, a shoegaze band comprised of Domenic Palermo, Brandon Setta, Nick Bassett, and Kyle Kimball, released the amazing “Tired of Tomorrow” earlier this year. They are currently touring in support of the record, and it was announced that on January 2017 the band will be embarking on a Southeast Asian tour. The 4-day SEA tour will begin with a show here in the Philippines.

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REVIEW: skinxbones – “Distances and Xanax” (2016)

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Most of the time, we hear records that are nothing more than a collection of songs that somehow work well together. But every once in a while, a record comes along that is so much more. And what separates these two kinds of records is one thing: intent. Part love letter and part journal entry, “Distances and Xanax” is the latest record in prolific producer skinxbones’ oeuvre. And yet it is also his most emotionally resonant work yet.

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