Soundlife Music Festival to Be Held On November 15


Soundlife Music Festival is an event jointly organized by JB Music, Skye Lounge, and the YesPinoy Foundation. The show will feature performances from old shool hip-hop heroes Arrested Development, local rock icons The Dawn and Wolfgang and Franco. It’s for a good cause!

The event, which is going to be held at Skye Lounge on November 15 is for the benefit of the YesPinoy Foundation’s One Chair One Child program. The program seeks to rebuild Estancia Central Elemantary School which was devastated when Yolanda struck Iloilo.

In a statement on the YesPinoy website, it says:

We are partnering together to raise P1.6 million for the 3000 chairs needed for the new Estancia Central Elementary School. Each chair costs Php 750, and anyone can give toward one, two or even more chairs so the students in Estancia Central Elementary School can have his or her very own chair!

So, on November 15, you will not be there just to listen to some quality music, you’ll also be helping out as well. It can’t get any better than that.

Visit the Soundlife Music Festival facebook page for more details about the show.


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