JD Callback Sessions Holds Its Fifth Leg at Route 196

JD Callback Sessions_Route196_POSTER 2

Local independent music just keeps getting better and better as new tunes from the Top 21 Jack Daniel’s On Stage Band Picks come to you LIVE this Friday, November 14, 9pm onwards at Route 196 Katipunan Quezon City for the 5th leg of the Jack Daniel’s On Stage Callback Sessions.

Set your backdrop of a goodtime with Jack Daniel’s and darn good rock music worth the clamor with this week’s lineup— Reklamo, Penguin, Peso Movement, Imelda, Curbside and one of Jack Daniel’s Chosen Artist Blue Boy Bites Back.

Now don’t just stand there and bob your heads  to the music, Jack Daniel’s encourages you to give a good listen and help us sift out noteworthy singles for the upcoming Jack Daniel’s On Stage compilation album next year.  Take the first step of getting involved by simply being at all gigs and let Jack Daniel’s excite your audio pleasure.

Hosting the 5th leg of the Jack Daniel’s On Stage Callback Sessions are our partner gig prod groups Flat Five Records, Revolver Productions, Doc Def Productions.

Calling Friends of Jack! RSVP us and round up the troops this Friday for your reserved table and enjoy a bar chow platter on the house with your welcome drink. Are you a Friend of Jack? Email to register at members@friends-of-jack.com and experience a unique kind of hospitality that is truly Jack.

The Jack Daniel’s on Stage Callback Sessions is powered by JB Music Philippines, and would not be without the support and collaboration of its partner production groups Revolver Productions, Red Ninja Productions, Attraction! Reaction! Flat Five Records, Doc Def and Strike Back Attack. Our online media partners Splintr.com, Radio Republic, Pinoytuner, Amplify.ph, Vandals On The Wall and NDFY.ME.

Have a headstart to a great weekend in more ways than one this Friday night for good live music, Jack Daniel’s and a perfect time to GET IN’VOLVED!


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