Tether Are Back With New Single “ProtoPilot”

Tether Protopilot


Tether has always been one of those bands that you just can’t picture calling it quits and stopping. They’ve been around for a really long time, and yet they’re still around and doing what they do best. They recently released a new single called “ProtoPilot”, and if it’s any indication of what they’ll be pulling out of their sleeves in the future, then we are in for a treat.

The current lineup consisting of guitarist Beejay Esber, drummer Jigger Cruz, bassist Mik Laborde, and vocalist Gigi Lapid, are here to kick ass and take names. With “ProtoPilot”, they manage to do just that. Dissonant guitar riffs courtesy of Esber melds with the tight and furious rhythm section of Cruz and Laborde, while Lapid’s crooning serves as the lone bright spot in this otherwise heavy number. This kind of juxtaposition of dissonance and melody has always been part of Tether’s charm, but with “ProtoPilot”, it’s clear that they’re here to stake their claim in the Manila indie scene.

“ProtoPilot” is a beautiful racket that is well worth 2 minutes and 33 seconds of your time. Tether are back. But then again, it feels like they never went away in the first place.


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