Rev Up Your Engines For JD Chrome: Freedom Ride!

Freedom Ride

Gear up, rev your engine loud and don your meanest motorcycle boots as you warm yourselves around the campfires in the great outdoors of Baguio City when Jack Daniel’s Philippines, Harley Davidson of Manila and Harley Owners Group Philippine Chapter team up for the very first time to stage an exciting event entitled JACK DANIELS CHROME: FREEDOM RIDE.

On Feb 21, 2015 fifty members of the Philippine chapter of the Harley Davidson Owners Group (HOG) ride from Manila to the Ayala Campsite in Camp John Hay in Baguio City for the grand cookout and bike festivities.

Being both iconic names worldwide that represent and share the same values of authenticity, excellence, independence and taste. Jack Daniel’s Chrome: Freedom Ride is an event that aims to celebrate the spirit of independence and the liberating feeling that one may experience on wheels, in a Harley Davidson bike no less. Moreover Jack Daniel’s Chrome is an event celebrated throughout the region and with Feb 21st as the very first time in the Philippines.

Jack Daniel’s Chrome: Freedom Ride is an event made for the Harley Davidson biker, the Jack drinker and the rock n’ roll aficionado. Enjoy the cool climate and perfect biker company with a Jack Daniel’s in hand to the music of Glass Cherry Breakers (MNL)—Philippine delegate to the 31st International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee and The Edralins (BAG).

Jack Daniel’s Chrome: Freedom Ride is not without the help and support of John Hay Business Club, Baguio-Ayalaland Technohub, John Hay Management Corp, CJH Dev Co, and Everything Nice Cake Shop and Café.

For 18 y.o. and up.
Ride with heart. Drink with care.


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