REVIEW: #100YearsOfSadness – “Post-Love” EP (2014)

Post Love EP

“Post-Love” is the debut release from alternative RnB act #100YearsOfSadness. Based on the band’s name and the EP’s title, you might probably have some idea what the release is all about. It’s all gloomy downtempo RnB through and through, with hints of hip-hop and electronica. You won’t find any club bangers here, unless you’re one of those people who go to clubs to sulk. “Post-Love” is best listened to at home at 3 in the morning and with a bottle of wine or hard liquor on hand.

The 4-track EP opens with “♥ and ♠”, a slow jam with a brilliant Japanese rap part in the middle. The production is spot on, and is a brilliant homage to all the Japanese-influenced internet-based music that’s been all the rage lately. It is then followed by “Dead Sparks”. There’s something undeniably… sexy (for lack of a better term)… about the song, and it builds on the particular sound that #100YearsOfSadness went for in the opening track.

While the third track, “Ophelia”, #100YearsOfSadness goes back to their RnB roots. The song sounds more like an Aaliyah track rather than The Weeknd, and is a perfect approximation of how the band mixes different styles of RnB together. They close the EP with the catchy “Sadness, To Me (Nomisugi)”. The off-kilter melodies and synth-lines coming together perfectly into something unforgettable.

With just 4 tracks, i #100YearsOfSadness have busted the doors wide open with “Post-Love”. The release features everything you could ever ask for: brilliant production work, amazing vocals, and a vibe that is both dark and inviting. We can’t wait to hear from this outfit in the future.

In the meantime, if you’re up for a little bit of sadness, you can buy the EP on a “name your price” basis over at the Diagnostic Records Bandcamp page. Light some candles, grab the alcoholic beverage of your choice, and enjoy.


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