COVER STORY: Small Hands, Big Plans

By Francis Cabal

Small Hands

Whenever I’m listening to anything by Small Hands, I can’t help but feel a tinge of nostalgia. There’s something quite youthful in their music, and I’m not gonna lie… it brings me back. Perhaps it’s because the music they play is the kind of music I listened to in my formative years albeit filtered through a more mature, world-weary lens, or perhaps they are simply the most fun band you’ll ever get to see or hear. Perhaps it’s a mixture of both, but in any case I f**king love Small Hands.

Small Hands is a punk outfit comprised of vocalists and guitarists Alva Presbitero and Tani Cariño, bassist Chi Resurreccion, and drummer Sep Roño. According to their Facebook page, “We’re your new favorite band” and I am inclined to agree. They have experience playing with their respective bands, but when they come together, the results are astounding. But never call them a supergroup or a sideproject. Small Hands is a very different beast, and they’re destined for big things.

They recently put out an EP called Wet Dog filled with anthems about dogs, heartbreak, and basically things that matter. The music is tight, the parts are cleverly thought-out, and the songs are catchy as hell. This is not your usual pop punk that thrives on guitar riffs you’ve heard a thousand times before. In Small Hands’ world, blast beats, melodic guitar lines, pop hooks, and boy/girl vocals are the order of the day.

And the most astonishing part? They work really fast. It’s a testament to the band’s chemistry that they finished working on their debut EP in less than six months. And judging by the looks of things, Small Hands are here to stay and they’re about to kick everyone’s asses.

For the month of March, we’ll be featuring your new favorite band, Small Hands. They’re personally one of my favorite bands around right now, so this is something I’m excited about. Expect several Small Hands-related articles in the coming weeks!

Small Hands are your new favorite band. Get in on it or be left behind. Watch the video for their song, “Clasped Hands, Timid Hearts” below.


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