Kastigo Launches New Music Video Tomorrow!


Kastigo are considered veterans in the local rock scene. Which is why it’s a pleasant surprise that they’re just releasing their sophomore album. It’s been a long time coming and it’s almost here! Their upcoming album is entitled “Illumination” and it will be released by Coda Entertainment.

And while we’re waiting for the album to drop, Kastigo will not be leaving us hanging. Tomorrow night, they will be launching the music video for the title of the album. It’s the band’s first single in a long time, so this is definitely exciting news. Not only will the band be celebrating the release of their new music video, they’re also celebrating their 10th year as a band!

The show will be held at Handlebar Bar and Grill and will feature performances from Fuseboxx, Kontra, and A Music Theory. Add to that a host of surprises and special performances, and it’s bound to be an evening to remember!

The show starts at 9 pm and there will be no door charge! And who says there are no good gigs on weeknights?


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