Small Hands Playlist

Every time we have a new featured artist, we always asked them to curate a special playlist for us that will be shared to you. This playlist is more than a glimpse of what the bands influences are, it’s also a peek at their personalities. After all, what you like is an extension of what you’re like. This time around, we asked Small Hands to undertake this difficult task. They more than pulled it off, crafting a playlist comprised of songs that are able to meld grit, and pop hooks… which is something that Small Hands are more than familiar with.


Tani Cariño, Guitars/Vocals

Here are the songs that I’ve been listening to lately:

Adventures – “My Marble Hole”

Adventures is an alternative / punk band that shares the same members as Code Orange Kids. A polar opposite of COK but the grit and sincerity is still there. They recently put out their debut full length and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be part of my top 10 for 2015. Hope I can pick up a 12″ of this soon.

Tommy Boys – “Estate Sale”

This was introduced to me by Pants who’s a good friend of Small Hands. I feel like most math rock bands that I hear lately are too mechanical and clean. Tommy Boys feels more fluid, natural and gruff to me.

Departures – “Sunday”

Departures is a melodic hardcore band based in the UK and I only recently discovered this record through Jason Marquez (Lindenwood, ex-Import The World). I’ve been a big fan of these guys when Teenage Haze came out and the split with Moose Blood further captured my interest but it’s nice to hear something that predates those records and still be as powerful as their current material.

Alva Presbitero, Guitars/Vocals

This turned out to be a gruesome task since I had to trim a longass list down to just three.

Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower – “One Stab Deserves Another”

It’s not easy to give PTBTET a single genre; they’re a chaotic mix of noise, post-hardcore and jazz. Songs are written (more so in Dissertation Honey) to propel an apathetic listener off a chair onto the floor on his side — a great mix of androgyny, flamboyance and style rolled into one band.

Botch – “Transitions from Persona to Object”

Botch got me into hardcore — this is my favourite. There is nothing more unsettling than dissonance heard through notes. I’ve always had the fascination for patterns and irregularities in music and the ability to break into chaos that still sounds globally regular, if that makes sense. I’m showing myself out. Sorry. lol
Burial – “Archangel”
Saying “this music helped through times where I felt like I’ve given up on myself” is no bullshit. This is exactly what this album did to me — it went as far as seeping into my personal space. No bullshit. Burial, whose identity everyone’s claiming, emerged at a time when dubstep wasn’t as brooding and sullen — characteristics I normally gravitate to.
Sep Roño, Drums 
MxPx – “For Always”
Parkway Drive – “Dark Days”
Heaven Shall Burn – “The Omen”
Chi Resurreccion, Bass
Whirr – “Lean”
The lyrics, the mood, the melody – everything about this song is perfect. Whirr is my favorite among the shoegaze revival bands and I love how they’ve fused a hardcore approach with a familiar, nostalgic sound.
Pianos Become The Teeth – “Enamor Me”
I am really digging this whole record but this track is a standout for me because of its post-rock/ambient elements. It’s a little different from PBTT’s previous releases but it’s still just as intense.
Lemuria – “Pants”
This song stands out for me because of its minimalism, harmonies, and unexpected percussive flourishes. Lemuria is a huge band for me and seeing them live is one of the things that inspired me to form Small Hands.
And there you have it! Small Hands’ very special Splintr Playlist for March. You can listen to the songs in Youtube Playlist form below.


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