ALBUM REVIEW: Small Hands – “Wet Dog” EP (2015)

By Francis Cabal

Small Hands Wet DogSmall Hands’ debut EP, “Wet Dog”, is short but sweet. In fact, it’s the most fun I’ve had with a record recently. “Wet Dog” opens with the one-minute long instrumental track, “Propagandog”. It’s a short blast of energy that perfectly sets the tone as to how the record sounds like. Fast drums, loud guitars, and pure unabashed energy. “Propagandog” is followed by the catchy “Clasped Hands, Timid Hearts”. It has boy/girl vocals, fist-pump-worthy riffs, and sing-along choruses that bring to mind bands like Lemuria, The Anniversary, among others. And before I forget, it has a trumpet part! For the record, trumpet parts are awesome.

That marriage of energy and catchy melodies continue with the third track, “White Fur”. Alva Presbitero and Tani Cariño’s guitar lines weave in and out and perfectly complement the tight rhythm section comprised of Chi Resurreccion and Sep Roño. By the time “Conscience” kicks in, you’ll be thinking to yourself that it would be fun to sing along to these songs during one of their live performances. This is especially true with the closing track, “No Sun”, which is probably my favorite track from the record. (Side note: the song has gang vocals… and just like trumpet parts, gang vocals are awesome).

When talking to my friends, I describe Small Hands’ sound as “nakakabata”, for lack of a better term. There’s something inherently youthful about Small Hands’ music that doesn’t come off as a put-on. It’s not something that they do to pander to pop punk kids. There’s a clear sense that they are having fun on these tracks, and that sense of fun is infectious.

I highly recommend this EP to people who may have grown up listening to bands like The Anniversary or even Hey Mercedes and are looking for something new to listen to. I also recommend this EP to people who like their heavy music with a dose of catchy choruses. And last but not the least, I highly recommend this EP to dog lovers. Because why not? Just look at that glorious hound on the album cover.


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