COVER STORY: Prank Sinatra Does It His Way

By Francis Cabal

Prank Sinatra Cover

I first came across Prank Sinatra’s Iman Leonardo after hearing songs from his record “The F Defect”. And for a long time, I always championed his music: his love for all things DIY, his sheer irreverence which borders on inaccessibility. But at its core, Leonardo writes great pop songs which is why I consider him one of the most underrated songwriters and musicians in the country. I was a fan. I still am.

My next encounter with Leonardo was when I went with a friend to his house to purchase a guitar. Leonardo is known to musicians as the go-to guy when it comes to gear and instruments. His house is littered with guitars, from floor to ceiling. That’s the first time I met Leonardo in person. That was also when I found out that he’s in the process of working on a new Prank Sinatra record.

Which leads us to our third encounter.

I was buying a guitar from Leonardo, and we decided to meet up at Monopond in Pasig where he was recording the album. That was where I heard the songs that would be included in “Get Outta My Way”, his latest record. And the songs simply blew me away.

Prank Sinatra has always been a band that does its own thing, and it’s apparent in the earlier records. However in “Get Outta My Way”, there is a sense of urgency. The irreverence ramped up to 11, with the band crossing genres sometimes within the same song. It’s a refreshing record, and I loved it right away.

Currently, Prank Sinatra is comprised of Leonardo on guitars and vocals, Czandro Pollack (ex- Sugar Hiccup) on drums, Dok Sergio (of Pupil) on bass, and Ahmad Tanji (of We Are Imaginary) on guitars. It’s a ragtag team, that’s for sure. But under the more than capable hands of ringleader Leonardo, they’re one of the tightest and most engaging live bands around.

For the month of May, we’ll be featuring Prank Sinatra as our Cover Artist. We’ll be taking a look at the band’s impressive discography, and we’ll also be reviewing the new Prank Sinatra record.

They record shows, they took the blows…

But they did it their way.

And they’ll continue doing it their way because that’s just how they do things.


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