REVIEW: Prank Sinatra – “Get Outta My Way” (2015)

By Francis Cabal

Sinatra My Way

I have no idea what goes on in Iman Leonardo’s head. There’s something about his songs that are weird and off-kilter, but still come off as familiar. In Prank Sinatra’s world, catchy pop songs are deconstructed, broken, messed up, but are beautiful nonetheless. It’s all the more evident in the band’s latest record, “Get Outta My Way”. It’s a modern day Filipino psychedelic pop masterpiece, which is why I gravitated to the record right away.

The record opens with the extremely catchy indie rock throwback, “Flimflambeau”, with it’s beautiful melodies and slide guitars. It is then followed by the 60’s-inspired “Instead O’ Nay”. Out of all of the songs in the record, it’s the track that owes the most the band’s psychedelic pop influences. The third track, “Deco…”, starts out as a sad country ballad that then twists itself into an alt-rock anthem by the time the chorus kicks in. Leonardo’s love of singalong choruses continues on tracks like “Home is The Saddest Place” while the synth-heavy “Count To 10-10” disrupts the proceedings, sounding more like something that Devo would do.

I’ve always brought up 60’s psychedelic pop when talking about Prank Sinatra, and the short “The Do Ron Ron Part IV” and songs like “Come Pristine” and “Way O’ The Willow” are further proof that I am right on the money when using that description. “S’all I Hear” is a tropical-inspired number that is definitely one of the weirder tracks in the record. Despite its weirdness, it’s definitely grew on me after multiple listens.

The album closes with the cleverly titled garage rock number, “Konan D’ Barbero” that shows of Prank Sinatra’s trademark weirdness in a more standard rock ‘n’ roll setting. It’s this sense of irreverence that makes “Get Outta My Way” such a fun record to listen to in its entirety. But just because it’s irreverent doesn’t mean that it’s not well thought-out. The music is surprisingly mature, with a heavy focus on arrangements and proper songwriting.

With that said, Prank Sinatra’s “Get Outta My Way” is definitely one of my favorite records of the year so far, and it’s high time you get in on the action as well.


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