“Fresh Filter Vol. I” to Be Officially Launched On May 22

Fresh Filter

Fresh Filter, the JAM 88.3 radio show hosted by Russ Davis, has proven to be one of the most importanat platforms for local independent music here in the country. Essentially a passion project championed by Davis, what started out as a weekly show became a regular in the station and started airing from Mondays to Thursdays. The show features some of the best and… freshest (for lack of a better term)… independent acts in the country and is personally curated by Davis.

Now, JAM 88.3 has teamed up with Satchmi to produce their first collaborative record together. Called Fresh Filter Vol. I, the compilation features tracks from acts such as A Problem Like Maria, Autotelic, BP Valenzuela, Bullet Dumas, Cheats, Flying Ipis, Library Kids, Moonwlk, Ourselves the Elves, Tandems’91, The Ransom Collective, and Yolanda Moon.

Not only are Jam 88.3 and Satchmi putting out a record together, they will also be pressing it on vinyl which is something that Satchmi is more than familiar with since they’re one of the more well-known stores that cater to those with a taste for vinyl records.

The compilation will officially be launched on Friday, May 22, in a special press event at the Satchmi store in SM Megamall. The launch will then culminate in a series of shows which will start on May 29 at Saguijo. The shows will feature the acts that are included in the record and will also have a Satchmi booth where people will be able to purchase the record.

Score one for local independent music. This is something that we’re excited for, and expect to read more about the release on our site in the coming days!


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