REVIEW: Prank Sinatra – “The F Defect” (2005)

By Francis Cabal

F Defect

Prank Sinatra’s “The F Defect” is the record that got me into the band way back in the day. It’s also Prank Sinatra’s debut record, and as far as debuts go, “The F Defect” definitely busted the doors wide open. It was in the middle of the 2000s, I was in my first band ever with my high school friends, and then I saw the video for “Hit The D Chord” on TV. I was able to track down “The F Defect” and it changed my perception of what you can do musically in the country.

“The F Defect” is a record that took a lot of risks, and managed to pull them off somehow. It was exciting to hear at the time, and to be honest, I still get a sense of nostalgia whenever I listen to it. “The F Defect” opens with the catchy “Kamang Pinaghiga’n” (with its “Coffee w/ Cream” intro and outro segments). The amount of things going on with the song boggled my mind at the time, and it was also the time I was just getting into psychedelic pop so I was really blown away to hear something like this in the country.

The second track couldn’t be more different from “Kamang Pinaghiga’n”. “Coup B’ Etat” is a garage punk rager, showing us that Iman Leonardo and company definitely know how to rock out. The trend also continues on tracks like “Sigaw” and “Supapandakot (Ang Sandata ng Bayan)”. “Coup B’ Etat” is then followed by “Hit The D Chord” and the short funk jam called “’Ting Galit”. The seventh track, “Juice”, sees Leonardo stripping things down to just an acoustic guitar and his voice. It’s an off-kilter folk song that’s affecting in its simplicity.

Prank Sinatra goes back into garage rock mode for the eighth track “It’s Happening Again” before bursting into the Beatles-esque track “Magiingat Ka” and the catchy indie rock of “Pautang Na”. The record ends with the slow and dreamy “Stargazing”.

Prank Sinatra’s “The F Defect” is made up of a hodge-podge of different styles and sounds, and it was an exciting record for its time. To say that the record changed my life is an understatement, and listening to it again for this review, I must say that it holds up. Prank Sinatra is a treasure, and “The F Defect” is still one of my favorite local records.


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