Stigmatics Release New Single “Sleeping Girl”

By Francis Cabal

Musically, Stigmatics are a hard band to pin down. The duo comprised of grandi0s0 and I.V. deRail (not their real names) have managed to put their own spin on punk music, adding to it a keen sense of musicality that comes from grandi0s0’s knack for complex arrangements and instrumentation. Add to that I.V. deRail’s voice and charisma as a frontman and you have yourself a recipe for success. I have called them one of my favorite bands in the country, and with the new material that they keep putting out, it’s pretty clear that that hasn’t changed one bit.

On their new track “Sleeping Girl”, they have managed to make something that is devoid of the nihilism that I usually associate with their material. The track is a lo-fi, synth-heavy ballad that pushes I.V. deRail’s voice to the forefront. The arrangement is not something to sneer at either, with synths, horns, and guitars (all courtesy of grandi0s0) coming together perfectly.

The result is a track that is both gorgeous, and surprisingly tender. This is the latest in Stigmatics’ string of kick-ass singles, and last I heard, they’re in the process of making a follow-up to their debut record “Straight Down To The Bitter End”.

Listen to “Sleeping Girl” below.


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