Tall Ice Lung Releases New Single, “God with Vanilla”

By Francis Cabal

Tall Ice Lung

Francis Maria Regalado may be known to most of you as the frontman for hardcore heroes Caitlyn Bailey and for pushing the boundaries of electronic music with Love in Athens. However, the project of his that I fell in love from the beginning is Tall Ice Lung. Tall Ice Lung is where Regalado puts his love for indie pop front and center, and he knocks it out of the park. Fresh from the success of his EP, “Balang Araw Mamatay Ka Rin”, Tall Ice Lung is back with the new single “God With Vanilla”.

Clocking in at around 4 minutes, “God with Vanilla” is a lo-fi pop song that speaks about loneliness despite the otherwise joyous instrumentation. It’s this dichotomy that makes the song work, because after all, some of the finest pop songs are about loneliness and heartbreak. When Francis Maria sings lines like “Some days, well, most days, I’d stay shut in. It’s so hard to move without the pieces I’m missing,” there’s just an earnestness there that gives him an edge among his contemporaries. And if there’s one thing that can be said about Regalado as a musician is that he’s earnest.

But without the aggression of hardcore punk and the coldness that comes with electronic music, “God with Vanilla” and Tall Ice Lung as a musical project is both warm and comforting and is something that should be heard by more people.



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