Destroyer Releases Melancholic Video for “Girl in a Sling”


Dan Bejar, who makes music under the moniker Destroyer, makes beautifully orchestrated pop songs that are reminiscent of some of David Bowie’s best work. With several albums under his belt already, he’s gearing up for the release of his latest record. “Poison Season” will not be coming out until August, but he has already released the single “Dream Lover”. He has followed it up with the gloomy video for “Girl in a Sling”. The video was directed by David Galloway and features shots of Bejar singing in a darkroom interspersed with footage of derelict houses.

In a press release by Galloway, he says:

Bejar sings a lot about cities and girls and injury, sometimes all at the same time. Sometimes they are the same thing, as surreal novelists would have us believe. Besides, people like to see Dan sing—which he doesn’t do a lot of in this video, but he does do a little bit. We wanted to make a video that dealt with central Destroyer themes: to some, Destroyer is a lech; to some, he is an arsonist; to some, he is a savior. To me, he is the consummate comedian, but he resists that role. So we decided to go the opposite way and make something sad, something tragic, something that fits the new record. The adage “comedy equals tragedy plus time” is attributed to Carol Burnett’s mum. Or it might have been Steve Allen. Either way, I always want Dan to do physical comedy, but he resists. He’s a natural, though. He’s the Pacific Northwest’s Buster Keaton, and I hope one day to share that with the world. One day. For now, though, there’s just this sadness. This poison season.

Watch the video for “Girl in a Sling” below.



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