Public Enemy Announce New Album, “Man Plans God Laughs”

Public Enemy

Hip-hop legends Public Enemy have announced that they’ll be coming out with a new record called “Man Plans God Laughs”. The new record will be released on July 25 on CD and vinyl as well as digitally in the group’s online store, Rap Central Station. “Man Plans God Laughs” is the group’s 15th studio album. In an interview with Maxim magazine, Chuck D said that he was inspired to make the record after the success of the groundbreaking albums released by Kendrick Lamar, Run the Jewels, and Kanye West.

A statement released by a spokesperson of the group says:

Man Plans, God Laughs was created as a reminder that, according to Chuck D, ‘once we win one victory, another battle develops’.

The album is driven by anthems that echo Public Enemy’s longstanding calls to break down institutional blockades and stand up for the rights of the oppressed, imploring listeners to ‘Give Peace A Damn’ while name checking Charles Mingus, work together as one in ‘Earthizen’ (with a bit of brilliant wordplay, declaring ‘The earth without art is just, eh’) and see each other as one on ‘Me To We’ (featuring turntable scratching from the group’s original DJ, Terminator X).

Chuck D’s lyrics blend powerfully with the raw poetry of longtime S1W James Bomb who recounts the group’s emotional journey to South Africa on ‘Mine Again’, one of the most moving tracks on MPGL.

Public Enemy also released a video for the album’s title track, which you can watch below.


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