Documentary about Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo to Be Released This Year

Lee Ranaldo


Lee Ranaldo is perhaps one of the most underrated guitarists around and is certainly one of the architects of Sonic Youth’s sound. So it comes as no surprise when it was revealed that Ranaldo will be the subject of a new Arnaud Maguet-directed documentary called “In Doubt, Shadow Him!” which will be released on December. The documentary (or “drift”, as Maguet calls it) will be released as a DVD and will be accompanied by a double 10” vinyl soundtrack. The soundtrack for the film was made by Ranaldo himself as well as Hifiklub, an experimental rock quartet that features Maguet.

Maguet previously made the films “I Am a Genius (And There’s Nothing I Can Do About It)” which is a documentary about outsider musician R. Stevie Moore, as well as “Plans Make Gods Laugh (A Drift About Alain Johannes)” which focused on multi-instrumentalist Alain Johannes.

You can watch the trailer for “In Doubt, Shadow Him!” below.


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