REVIEW: Ourselves The Elves – “It’ll Be Alright” EP (2013)

Ourselves The Elves

Last week, we reviewed Ourselves the Elves’ beautiful new EP, “Geography Lessons”. Today we’ll be taking a look at the band’s debut EP called “It’ll Be Alright”. Released in 2013, the EP is essentially a collection of straightforward indie pop songs made during the earlier days of the band. It’s hard to listen to this record again without comparing it to their latest EP, and it’s clear that they have come a long way since the release of “It’ll Be Alright”. Though for the sake of objectivity, I will say that it is not meant as a knock on the band’s debut. In fact, while rough around the edges, it still manages to be a great example of smart songwriting coupled with an unabashed love for hooks.

The record opens with “Shelter (Oh No)”, a staple of the band’s live performances. The alternating vocals between Aly Cabral and Akira Medina comes off as a dialogue between the two. The instrumentation is as straightforward as it gets, owing a lot to 90s indie rock. “Not Me, Not You” is a catchy number written by Christelle Delvo who also played bass for this EP. The bouncy, mid-tempo vibe continues with the following tracks “Outer Speys” and crowd favorite “I Wouldn’t Mind”.

While the production and the instrumentation are on the rawer side of the spectrum, the grit actually gives this release a sense of charm that makes it an enjoyable listen. And with just 4 songs, they managed to make things concise and straight to the point. These are four unbelievably catchy and well-written songs, nothing more nothing less. And that is something that I really admire.

Listening to this and “Geography Lessons”, it’s amazing to see how the band has grown as musicians and songwriters. And while it’s exciting to hear what the band is doing now, there’s something comforting about listening to this EP and hearing a band that’s just having fun and making short catchy pop songs. It’s kind of like looking at an old photo album and it makes me feel good.


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