SPLINTR PLAYLIST: Ourselves the Elves

Ourselves the Elves

Last month, we reviewed the two EPs from Ourselves the Elves. Listening to those two records back to back, it’s pretty clear that the band has a pretty clear vision musically. So we decided to ask Aly Cabrla, Akira Medina, Paula Castillo, and Ponch Salvador to curate a special video playlist so they can share with us some of the music that they like, and maybe give us a little insight into what influences them musically. Enjoy!


Ponch Salvador

Shugo Tokumaru – “Katachi”, Enemies – “Play Fire”, Royal Blood – “Figure It Out”

This is a YouTube playlist, right? So i’m guessing the music video is every bit as valuable as the music? I like that these music videos go really well with the music, as well as it’s eye-catching and so much fun to watch

Aly Cabral

Tonstartssbandht – “Susie”

Tonstartssbandht is my favorite psych band right now. There’s only two of them in the band, Ed and Andy White (who also plays for Mac Demarco) but they sound insaaaane especially live. Here’s a crazy video of them playing in their kitchen.


Yurei – “Waif”

I love these guys! They just released their new EP and the guitars sound especially amazing. Fuzz tone game strong~ (Also Itos is an underrated genius).


EZTV – “Dust In The Sky”

I remember having this song on loop when we were recording our EP. It’s a perfect mix of bright and cold at the same time. I guess this song inspired our 2nd track, “Longing For”, production-wise.

Akira Medina

Beach House – “Levitation”

Beach House’s “Depression Cherry” is probably my favorite album from this year. Levitation is the perfect introduction for the sounds to come.

Widowspeak – “Narrows”

Widowspeak’s All Yours would be the next best album of 2015.

Martin Courtney – “Vestiges”

Real Estate’s Martin Courtney recently came out with a new solo album that sounds like a collection of Real Estate B-sides. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Vestiges has a Manila Sound riff that I love.

Paula Castillo

Frankie Cosmos – “Zentropy”

Frankie Cosmos’ “Zentropy” (and most of her other releases) just reminds me of those times when I get home from school & all I do is just play guitar, draw, daydream the way I wanted to & freely just be in my own world. (P.S. Greta Kline is probs my bff from the other end of the world.)

Beat Happening – “Beat Happening”

Calvin Johnson is my DIY King Hero. His works always reminds me that anyone can play music – there’s no standard – you just go do it, by how you feel it, the way you want to!

Todd Bloom – “Algae Bloom”

Told Slant is Felix Walworth’s music project that is a part of The Epoch Collective. His unconventional way of song writing, singing and performing live strikes heartstrings. At live performances, he shows that his connections with his songs are deep and I find it so moving. Also, with the way he presents himself is so “fck the norm!!!”


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