LISTEN: Beast Jesus – “Scoliosis Backbrace”

Beast Jesus

Last week, punk band Beast Jesus released their first single called “Scoliosis Backbrace”. Full disclosure, I know the people in the band so I was aware of their existence even before they released the song. With that said, I was still left utterly surprised by “Scoliosis Backbrace” and how the band managed to blend disparate genres together into something that is ultimately enjoyable despite its nihilism.

From the post-punk vocals to the surf-meets-pyschobilly guitar solo to the thrash interlude, Beast Jesus’ “Scoliosis Backbrace” is both angry and infectious. It’s nice to hear a band taking risks, and it’s even nicer to hear a band pull it off.

Beast Jesus are here to give punk rock a kick in the nuts.


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