SPLINTR PLAYLIST: Read Between the Lions


It’s the last day of the month meaning it’s our last day of having Read Between the Lions as our featured artist. Don’t worry though, the band has prepared a special playlist for you to listen to! As you all know, every month we ask our featured artists to curate a Youtube playlist containing some of their favorite songs, be they songs that influenced them or songs that they have been listening to a lot lately. Read Between the Lion’s playlist is a mixture of both, and is definitely an enjoyable listen.

Listen to the playlist below!


Eric Po (vocals, guitar)

Swing Out Sister – “Waiting Game”

My aunt made me listen to Swing Out Sister when I was 9 or 10. I kept her cassette until it got destroyed by an old player. This particular song hit me with certainty that I was going to be a tita someday.

 Looper – “Mondo ’77”

This song is my ultimate jam while driving. Its infectious hooks and clinical arrangement make me want to race around BGC. To make matters worse, I don’t have a car.

Womb – “Good”

Chai Fonacier’s voice smells like wintergreen while nursing the sniffles from crying secretly in a damp and poorly-lit bedroom. Her lyrics heal fresh wounds but prerequire tearing up the sutures. This Cebuano downtempo trio’s music sends me wanting to run up hills in reverse. And in my boyfriend’s plaid shirt.


Jerros Dolino (drums, vocals)

Big Head Todd and the Monsters – “Bittersweet”

I’ve never really been a big “lyrics” guy. However, I’m big on the over-all feel of a song. The lyrics notwithstanding, the melody, structure and feel of this song really evokes a kind of “somber sadness”, me-thinks.

The Skints – “Rat-At-At”

As a drummer, I’ve found myself most comfortable playing with either Reggae, Dub, or Ska bands. This U.K. band seamlessly blends together Roots/Dub/Dancehall Reggae, Ska and Punk. Needless to say, I’m quite fascinated.

Versus – “My Adidas”

Sometime around the late 90s (I think), a friend slipped me a CD of his selected favorite indie pop, twee and indie rock songs.

This song stood out from that compilation.

Although admittedly, I’ve never heard of any other Versus song because I never owned any of their releases (although I had digital copies of two +/-  albums.), this song always first comes to mind whenever I hear the words “indie rock”.


Lloyd Corpuz (bass, vocals)

Coheed and Cambria – “Here To Mars”

Sobrang sarap. Sobrang sakit.

Black Uhuru – “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”

Because ze bassline.

Loop – “Lost”

Eh kasi ganun eh. Mahal ko itong mga ito.


Jordan Constantino (guitar, vocals)

Damien Rice – “The Blower’s Daughter”

I was really into this song before my son was born. Gave me a bad case of LSS.

In Flames – “Trigger”

I totally loved the concept of this music video. You should also check out Soilwork’s Rejection Role. That video is also related to this. I really love how In Flames have evolved to make modern melodic death metal.

Rancid – “Ruby Soho”

How could I forget? This was the background music when I was in the process of losing my virginity in the 90s.


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