Brian Eno Releasing New Album “The Ship” This Year

Brian Eno

It’s been a while since we heard new material from Brian Eno, but it looks like the long wait is about to end. Eno announced that he will be releasing his new record, “The Ship”, on April 29, 2016. The record will be released by Warp Records and is his first album since 2012’s Grammy-nominated LUX. Eno released a statement on the Warp Records website about the inspiration behind the new record.

Humankind seems to teeter between hubris and paranoia: the hubris of our ever-growing power contrasts with the paranoia that we’re permanently and increasingly under threat. At the zenith we realise we have to come down again…we know that we have more than we deserve or can defend, so we become nervous. Somebody, something is going to take it all from us: that is the dread of the wealthy. Paranoia leads to defensiveness, and we all end up in the trenches facing each other across the mud.

According to Eno, the record was also inspired by his fascination with World War I. You can read the full press release on the Warp Records website.


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