COVER STORY: The Buildings and Being a Living Testament to the “DIY or DIE” Mantra

The Buildings

Rebellion is an inherently youthful thing, especially when it comes to music. We’ve all seen it with punk and the 90s indie rock revolution. Young musicians are always finding ways to subvert the status quo. We saw it when Filipino punk bands made records on their own terms, or when a then-unknown band from UP Diliman called Eraserheads recorded “Pop U!” in the UP Faculty Center.

Our featured band for April is no stranger to making art on their own terms. The Buildings, comprised of vocalist and guitarist Mariah Reodica, guitarist Alyana Cabral, bassist Dom Zinampan, and drummer Kean Reformado, are an exciting young band not only because they make some kick-ass tunes, but also because they are  rebellious in the best way possible.

Mariah Reodica, Ourselves the Elves’ Alyana Cabral, and The Gory Orgies’ Dom Zinampan, and Kean Reformado are part of a collective of musicians under the Salad Days/Idioterne Inc. banner. It’s a collective of creative artists with a clear uncompromising vision of what they want to do, with Salad Days serving as the production outfit for the artists and Idioterne Inc. serving as the group’s record label.

It is this “DIY or DIE” spirit that The Buildings also abide by, recording their debut record “Cell-o-phane” entirely on their own (the drum tracks were recorded in the bodega of Reodica’s house while the guitars were recorded at Reformado’s apartment). And the results, are frankly, astonishing.

Songs like “Different Shades of Blue” and “Manila’s a Trap” owe a lot to classic indie rock, but they possess their own unique charm. It’s clear that this is a band that comes from the Pavement and Guided By Voices school of songwriting: the music, despite being abrasive at parts, serving as the perfect counterpoint to the band’s pop smarts.

On April 16, The Buildings will be launching “Cell-o-phane” at Mow’s at Matalino St. in Quezon City. With a new album on the way, we decided to make The Buildings as our featured artist for the month of April. Watch out for more features on the band in the coming weeks, including a review of their debut album.

In the meantime, listen to “Manila’s a Trap” below.



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