COVER STORY: Tune in and Turn On with the Dropouts!

Dropouts 1

photo by Paul Javier

You have no idea how excited I am to have this band as our featured artist for the month of July. They’re one of those rare bands that I’ve become a fan of after the first time I heard them, and now they’re back bringing their unique brand of rock ‘n’ roll to a wider audience. I’m talking about The Dropouts, who are coming out with their debut self-titled record.

Comprised of Vic Laugo, BJ Esber, John Paul Concepcion and recent additions Bea Aben and JM Naceno, The Dropouts are one of the most ferocious bands in the local music scene. Mixing garage rock, punk, and old school rock ‘n’ roll, The Dropouts’ music is in your face and uncompromising. Plus their live shows are amazing to boot.

With the release of their self-titled record, it’s clear that The Dropouts are about to leave their mark on the scene. Just listen to their single “Langit-Lupa” to know what I’m talking about.

We’ll be devoting July to anything related to The Dropouts. Keep an eye out for features and news regarding the band as well as our reviews of the band’s new album as well as their EP.

In the meantime, listen to the blistering punk rock anthem “Langit-Lupa” below! Enjoy at your own risk.


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