The Dropouts

photo by Paul Javier

What do Rod Stewart, Johnny Cash, and Kumiko Osugi’s “Doraemon” theme song have in common? Frankly, I have no idea. But when I asked the members of The Dropouts to curate a Youtube playlist of some of the songs they enjoyed, they turned in one of the most diverse, fun, and surprising playlists we’ve had in a while. Every track highlights each member’s sensibility, which I’ve already come to expect. Enjoy this very special edition of our Splintr Playlist series as curated by The Dropouts.


JM Naceno

Rod Stewart – “Hot Legs”

Inspiration para sa solo ng “Sheila Is a Gold Digger”.


Queens of The Stone Age – “Like a Drug”

Song that got me into guitar tremolo/vibrato effects.


Fiend Without a Face – “Black Grass”



Bea Aben

The Zombies – “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”

Pampatulog sa akin ng papa ko nung bata pa ako.


Beck – “Sexx Laws”

Laging nakakasayaw.


The Pixies – “Gigantic”

“Big, big love”.



 Vic Laugo

The Kinks – “God’s Children”

Dahil anak ka ng Diyos.


Johnny Cash – “One On the Right Is On the Left”

Dahil kapupulutan ng aral.


? and The Mysterians – “Do Something to Me”

Because it’s “sexxy”.


JP Concepcion

Gloria Gaynor – “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”

Been listening to this a lot lately because I miss my mother. She always plays this song in her cassette player when I was a kid.


The Sleepyheads – “Virginity/Anachronism”

When I was still in high school, we didn’t have the luxury of today’s “internet” for discovering new music. My only source of new music was MTV, MYX and song mags or “song hits”, so the artists and songs featured were quite repetitive. So when I saw The Sleepyheads featured in a song mag, it stuck in my mind because I can’t find their music anywhere.

Years after, when I discovered YouTube, I had this habit of searching for music/artists that I haven’t heard but I always see and encounter in t-shirts, conversations, articles, stickers, documentaries, etc.; finally, I got to hear and see The Sleepyheads – I knew that I had found my new favorite band.


Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Sick Love”

I hope that when I turn their (RHCP) age, I’d still be making beautiful, innovative, and (still) relevant music with my friends, like RHCP still does.


BJ Esber

Kumiko Osugi – “Doraemon Theme Song”

Isa sa pinaka-saddest songs  na nadinig ko kaya sobrang favorite ko siya.

Yoyoy Villame – “Tsuper Ng Jeepney”

Para sa akin sobrang ginto yung tunog nito. Isa pinaka-the best na calypso na nadinig ko.


Puregold – “Tindahan Ni Aling Puring”

Ang ganda ng arrangement at mababaw lang, parang ako.




(NOTE: Sadly, “Tindahan Ni Aling Puring” is not available on Youtube so it won’t be included in the playlist. However, if you want to listen to the magic that is “Tindahan Ni Aling Puring”, head over to a Puregold store near you to hear the song. PS: We are in not affiliated with Puregold and this is not a paid advertisement.)


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